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Our story is not as important to us as the one you are creating right now.  Yet, we know that our everyday needs, dreams, and experiences bring and keep us together… first professionally and perhaps – as with many of our customers – as long-time friends. So, we’re guessing your family and ours have much in common regarding North Carolina’s High Country Lifestyle changes.

As with all genuinely awe-inspiring adventures, our award-winning company emerged from a chance college encounter between Angie and Jeremy Guillette that has blossomed into a beautiful “My three sons” family and a revered family Real Estate Business. Initially, despite our enticing corporate careers, real estate investing and corporate moves gave us an inside view of the challenges of financially driven and emotionally-driven transitions. 

Angie’s casual, comforting and confident approach attracts sellers and buyers worldwide to trust her with their life changes. For us, it’s never business as usual – it’s always personal and relationship-centric. Jeremy’s former strategic and national healthcare sales career brings the Guillette Group innovative prowess and a drive to master the market. We’re moving forward as a conduit between the best industry technology and our customers. Yet, we’re holding tight to values that create loyalty beyond reason in them as well.

We’ve recognized how deeply private real estate transactions can be and how local they are. No international real estate-related site can tell you about the whispers of the newest school, where the city is thinking of expanding roadways, the resale interest of view vs. nonview property, or where to find and cut the perfect Christmas tree. Your questions are the same ones we’ve wanted answered as we’ve secured our mountain home for our family, so we’ve made it our life’s work to know the answers for you.

There’s a peace that comes from knowledge and joy that follows making a solid decision. That’s what we’re here to do… give you more peace than expected and more joy than you could anticipate. Let’s LIVE JOY in the High Country – whether you’re moving in or out of our area, we’re committed to you and the elevated lifestyle you deserve.





Put our market power and negotiation mastery to work for you.  It’s why our portfolio is full of repeat and referral business.


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