What is the Real Cost of Living in Estero?

What is the Real Cost of Living in Estero?

  • The Guillette Group
  • 06/19/23

Prepare your finances for relocation to this bayfront community with luxury amenities in Estero, Florida, a large community in Lee County between Fort Myers and Naples. The community is known for its tropical climate, attractive golf courses, and stunning beaches. Locals are attracted to the area because of its friendly atmosphere, making it a popular destination for tourists and residents. Estero has excellent schools, numerous shopping and dining options, and exciting water and land activities.

While living costs are higher than the national average, it is lower than many other popular destinations in Florida, like Miami and Naples. The manageable cost of living and the lack of state income tax make Estero a financially attractive option for retirees and families. Plus, with all the fantastic amenities in the area, residents get a lot out of the community. If you are moving to Estero, here’s what you can expect:

Housing prices

When discussing the cost of living in Estero, Florida, it is important to note that housing is a significant expense but necessary for a comfortable lifestyle. The good news is that every budget has options, from modest apartments to luxurious waterfront homes. Despite the cost, living in Estero offers a high quality of life, with access to beautiful beaches, top-rated restaurants, and world-class shopping. So while housing may be a major expense, the overall benefits of living in Estero make it a smart investment.

Home prices in Estero can vary greatly depending on the type of home and location. For example, a small condominium may be relatively affordable, while a larger waterfront home costs millions. Waterfront housing and country club homes are among the most popular options in Estero due to the luxurious amenities, such as golf courses, clubhouses, tennis courts, and private beaches. According to the Bonita Springs-Estero Real Realtors market report for April 2023, the average sale price for single-family homes was nearly $832,000, and the average sale price for condominiums was more than $713,000.


In addition to housing costs, homeowners in Estero are responsible for paying monthly utilities such as water, electricity, internet, and gas. Some communities include basic utilities in their monthly HOA fees, while others do not, leaving homeowners to cover individual costs.

Homeowners in Estero may also need to budget for lawn care and pool maintenance, as these are not included in the housing price. Homeowners need to factor in these expenses when budgeting for their move to Estero.

The average cost of electricity in Estero is about $228 per month. Electricity costs can increase in summer due to intense heat and humidity, causing the air conditioning to run more consistently. Your home size can also impact electric costs, as a smaller home can heat and cool quickly and use less power.

While it may seem like nothing can combat these increasing costs, individuals can take several steps to reduce their consumption of valuable sources of water and electricity. By implementing these strategies, individuals save money on utility bills and reduce their environmental impact. Be mindful of how much water is used when showering, washing dishes, and doing laundry, and ensure that lights and electronics are turned off when not in use. You can also purchase energy-efficient appliances, light bulbs, and smart technology thermostats to reduce water and electricity use.


The cost of living can greatly vary by location and significantly shape individual spending habits. Food prices, which also vary depending on location, contribute to the cost of living. In some regions, fresh produce and locally-sourced goods may be more affordable, while in others, these options may be much more expensive. It is important to consider food expenses when deciding where to live and how to budget for daily expenses. The cost of groceries in Estero is slightly higher than national averages, with the monthly cost varying significantly based on family size and types of food purchased.


In terms of transit options, Estero offers limited public transportation, making owning a car a necessity for most residents. However, the town is relatively easy to navigate with minimal traffic congestion, which is a plus for those commuting to work. The town’s central location also makes traveling to nearby cities like Tampa, Orlando, and Miami convenient.

While owning a car can add to the cost of living, the benefits of being able to easily explore and commute in Estero and beyond make it worthwhile. The area is primarily serviced by LeeTran, which operates several bus routes throughout the town. Locals can pay bus fares with cash, app, or TropiCard options based on how frequently the service is used to navigate the city.


Salary can make the cost of living less burdensome, especially if it is adjusted to the regional cost of living. If someone earns the national average wage in an area with lower living costs, they would have more expendable income than those living in an area with higher living costs.

When considering a move, individuals need to research the job market and salary ranges for their fields in different regions. Negotiating for a higher salary or seeking job opportunities in a higher-paying region can also help offset the higher cost of living. The Census Bureau reported the median household income in Estero to be more than $94,000 between 2017 and 2021.

Learn more about moving to Estero

One resource that can be particularly helpful when researching the cost of living in different areas is a local realtor. Realtors can access information about different communities, including average housing costs, local taxes, and other expenses unique to a particular region. By working with a realtor, individuals can gain a more comprehensive understanding of the financial implications of moving to a new area and make more informed decisions about housing and other expenses. A realtor can also help narrow options for homes and neighborhoods that meet specific needs and budget requirements.

The Guillette Group is a team of Estero real estate agents with detailed knowledge of the community. While searching for your dream home, you can learn about the exceptional schools, commute times, and best restaurants in the area by working with an award-winning real estate team.


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